Zipr helped KNPSI streamline the ticketing and prevent frauds

Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya, Indore (KNPSI) is a highly sought-after zoo located in Indore. Recognizing the need for a robust visitor management system, the park authorities partnered with Zipr in 2020. Zipr was entrusted with the responsibility of revolutionizing the park's ticketing system, both online and offline applications, comprehensive reporting, and audits.

Visitor using the touchless entry system of Zipr

The Challenge

During the pilot phase, the Zipr team encountered several challenges that demanded immediate attention. Some malicious individuals attempted to disrupt the service by cutting cables, while others aimed to manipulate the data to their advantage. Nevertheless, the Zipr team exhibited exceptional resilience and successfully overcame these obstacles, ultimately ensuring the pilot's triumph.

Implementing Solutions

To combat the challenges encountered by KNPSI, Zipr implemented a series of innovative solutions. First and foremost, they established a redundant network infrastructure to eliminate disruptions caused by cable tampering. This redundancy proved crucial in maintaining uninterrupted services and upholding visitor satisfaction. Additionally, Zipr developed an advanced data validation system to thwart fraudulent activities effectively. By implementing stringent measures, the system efficiently identified and prevented unauthorized data manipulation and ticket scalping. Furthermore, Zipr introduced a state-of-the-art reporting system that empowered the park authorities with real-time insights into visitor traffic and revenue generation.

Impressive Results

The pilot's outcomes surpassed all expectations and highlighted the transformative power of Zipr's solutions. With Zipr's intervention, KNPSI witnessed a remarkable 120% increase in revenue within just a few months. Furthermore, the implementation of Zipr's system thwarted fraudulent activities and prevented ticket scalping, amounting to savings worth 10 lakhs. These impressive results left the park authorities thoroughly impressed and convinced them to adopt Zipr's solution on a permanent basis.

As the partnership between KNPSI and Zipr progressed beyond the pilot phase, the long-term impact of Zipr's solutions became even more apparent. By implementing Zipr's visitor management system on a permanent basis, KNPSI experienced a multitude of benefits.

Enhanced Visitor Experience:

With Zipr's system in place, KNPSI was able to provide visitors with a seamless and efficient ticketing process. The implementation of an integrated online platform enabled visitors to conveniently purchase tickets in advance, reducing waiting times and enhancing overall satisfaction. Additionally, the real-time reporting system allowed park authorities to monitor visitor traffic, identify peak periods, and optimize park operations accordingly. These improvements contributed to an enhanced visitor experience, resulting in positive reviews and increased footfall.

Streamlined Revenue Management:

Zipr's robust revenue management features transformed KNPSI's financial operations. The system provided accurate and up-to-date revenue reports, enabling park authorities to make informed decisions regarding pricing strategies and resource allocation. By gaining valuable insights into revenue streams, KNPSI was able to optimize its revenue generation potential. The implementation of Zipr's system also facilitated seamless integration with the park's existing accounting systems, streamlining financial processes and reducing administrative burdens.

Heightened Security and Fraud Prevention:

The integration of Zipr's data validation system had a profound impact on security measures within KNPSI. By implementing stringent checks and balances, the system effectively mitigated the risk of fraudulent activities. Unauthorized manipulation of data, ticket scalping, and other fraudulent practices were promptly detected and prevented, safeguarding both the park's reputation and visitor trust. This enhanced security framework contributed to a secure and transparent environment within KNPSI.

Continuous Improvement and Support:

Zipr's commitment to excellence extended beyond the initial implementation phase. The company provided ongoing support and updates to ensure the seamless operation of the visitor management system. Regular audits and system enhancements enabled KNPSI

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