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Zipr is IIMB incubated startup
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Zipr is StartupIndia Registered Startup

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Phenomenal Experience. Everytime!

At Zipr, we prioritize enhancing your online presence with top-notch SEO strategies, ensuring that customers can quickly and easily find your website. We understand the value of a seamless booking,entry experience, which is why our quick and easy check-in process eliminates the need for waiting in line.

To further enhance communication, we integrate popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, IVRS, and SMS, allowing you to engage with your customers effectively.

Lastly, our dedicated 24/7 customer support system ensures that you receive assistance whenever you need it, providing a reliable and responsive service.

Go Touch-less!

Zipr's Touch-less Entry System provides seamless, fastest, and most convenient entry-exit for visitors. 

  • Unified, works for all types of tickets
  • Announces ticket in local and regional language
    (e.g. Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati, etc)  
  • Detects fake, expired, Duplicate and fraud tickets automatically 
  • On-spot ticket checking app for mobile
person scanning ticket on touchless entry system

Heat-Maps. Inbuilt

Maximize your website’s performance by monitoring your customers’ or visitors’ behavior using HeatMap graphical reports. Gain insights into the products or pages they navigate to, where they spend the most time, and where they drop off.
Analyze your visitors’ journey and optimize your site to enhance their experience and boost conversions.  

Always LIVE!

  • Fully Customizable and Responsive,
  • LIVE Infrastructure and Events Reporting
  • Monitor crowd movement with LIVE Heat-Maps
  • Intelligent Alerts & Notifications
Dashboards are always live on Zipr platform

LIVE & consolidated!

  • One–click collection reports with automatic reconciliation
  • Save up to 3hrs daily
  • Stop all revenue leaks and calculation mistakes
  • Integration with the e-govt portal
  • Performance report every month to Identify footfall, peak hours etc
  • Improve infrastructure and better equip ourselves beforehand
  • Monthly report of employees’ efficiency at work  
Reports via zipr platform
Kamla Nehru
Prani Sangrahalya
Wildgorewada powered by Zipr
Gorewada International Zoological Park
Corbett Tiger Reserve Powered by Zipr
Tiger Reserve
MukundPur Tiger Safari Powered by Zipr
Mukundpur Tiger Safari & Zoo


Frequently Asked Questions

Experience the joy of going live in a matter of days, rather than waiting for months!

The Zipr platform has been thoughtfully designed with a focus on eco-tourism sites, ensuring it caters to nearly all your site's needs, including compliance, audit, and reporting requirements.

Discover the power of our extensive range of 15+ seamlessly integrated product offerings. Each of our meticulously crafted solutions is built to effortlessly handle the demands of heavy workloads, footfall management, ticketing, comprehensive reporting, employee management, performance optimization, and much more. In essence, Zipr is a unified platform that far surpasses other platforms that solely concentrate on a single aspect of eco-tourism

Zipr has got you covered on that front too! Your website serves as the crucial first touchpoint, and we excel at redesigning it to enhance its appeal. Not only that, we also specialize in improving your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to boost its online visibility. Additionally, we take care of managing your Google Business listing, ensuring that your online presence is optimized across various platforms

During the data-transition phase, we take care of seamlessly migrating all your existing data while making precise adjustments to ensure a smooth transition before going LIVE. You can have peace of mind knowing that visitors will not experience any inconvenience during or after this transition period. Our goal is to make the process hassle-free for both you and your visitors.

Absolutely not! It is impossible to tamper with a ticket and use it on the Zipr platform. We employ cutting-edge algorithms that are designed to detect and prevent fraud, fake, or repeated tickets. Rest assured, our ticket-scanning applications are equipped to function seamlessly both online and offline, ensuring a secure and reliable ticketing experience.

- Elevate your visitors' experience to new heights while boosting your revenue with Zipr's real-time insights.
- Gain the ability to monitor crowd movement, stay prepared for situations like COVID,
- Track the live position of vehicles, and access consolidated reports, all aimed at delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

In essence, Zipr is the comprehensive solution that addresses all your challenges, eliminating the need for fragmented products and providing you with a streamlined and efficient platform.

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