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Zipr is a leading tech innovator in site and visitor management for high-footfall venues, from sanctuaries to theme parks. We specialize in advanced, efficient systems that streamline operations and enhance visitor experiences. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Zipr boosts operational efficiency and security. Our adaptable, user-friendly solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries, ensuring seamless management in high-traffic environments.


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Who we are

Zipr is at the forefront of technology, revolutionizing site and visitor management for high-footfall venues like sanctuaries, parks, and museums. Our team specializes in innovative systems that redefine site operations and enhance visitor experiences.

Our philosophy

Our core philosophy blends adaptability, innovation, and user-centric design. We focus on integrating advanced technology with practical solutions, catering to the dynamic needs of high-traffic venues and ensuring efficient, secure, and intuitive experiences.

How we work

We adopt a collaborative approach, closely working with clients to tailor solutions that meet their specific needs. Our process involves leveraging the latest tech to design and implement systems that improve operational efficiency and ensuring our solutions are flexible and scalable to evolve with our clients' changing requirements.

The Team

At Zipr, our team is a dedicated and seasoned group of professionals driven by a shared passion for delivering outstanding customer experiences. Comprising individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, we collaborate seamlessly to devise innovative solutions that address the dynamic requirements of our clients. 
Our collective expertise, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment empower us to consistently provide state-of-the-art solutions, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge services.

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OnSite Team

At the heart of our success lies the strength of our on-site team—an embodiment of dedication and collaborative synergy. Comprised of talented individuals driven by a shared passion for excellence, our team navigates challenges with seamless coordination, consistently delivering exceptional results. The collective talent within our on-site team forms a powerhouse, ensuring that each project is executed with precision and a spirit of shared achievement.

Powering India's highest footfall sites

At Zipr, our achievements speak volumes about our commitment to innovation.
Our solutions have revolutionised customer experiences and streamlined operations across industries,
earning us accolades and solidifying our position as leaders in technology-driven business solutions.

Atal Garden - Powered by Zipr
Bhavan Sanskratik Kendra - Powered by Zipr
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Canter - Powered by Zipr
KNPSI - Powered by Zipr
Wild Gorewada Zoo - Powered by Zipr
CTR- Canter Safari - Powered by Zipr
Science Park  - Powered by Zipr
Science Park  - Powered by Zipr
Science Park  - Powered by Zipr

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