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Science Park  - Powered by Zipr
Science Park  - Powered by Zipr

Zipr's Turnstiles represent the pinnacle of efficient crowd management. Engineered for secure and streamlined access, these turnstiles are the first line of defense in controlling visitor flow with unmatched precision. Ideal for high-traffic areas in various settings, they ensure a seamless yet secure entry experience.

Mastering Crowd Control

Zipr powered turnstile barriers
Flap Barrier

Our Flap Barriers blend sleek, modern design with robust functionality, providing sophisticated and secure access points. Perfect for locations where style is as important as security, these barriers are the epitome of elegance and safety in access control, suitable for upscale environments like corporate buildings and luxury hotels.

Harmonizing Style with Safety

Zipr powered flap barriers
Boom Barrier

The Boom Barriers from Zipr are reliable guardians of vehicle entry points. They are designed to efficiently manage the flow of vehicles in areas such as parking lots, checkpoints, and other access-sensitive locations. These barriers are the go-to solution for effective vehicle access management, offering security and control in one package.

Ensuring Controlled Vehicle Flow

Zipr powered boom barriers
Zipr Activator Module

ZAM for Barrier is a versatile solution that integrates seamlessly with any barrier system. This innovative activator provides a flexible and efficient approach to access control, making it a universal fit for various barrier needs. It's the ideal choice for enhancing the functionality of existing systems or for new installations requiring adaptable control options.

Flexible and Efficient Access Control

Designed for the long-haul

Plug-n-Play, Power-Efficient, & Fast!

Connect to your existing ecosystem

Designed for seamless integration with existing security systems and infrastructure. It can easily connect with various access control systems, CCTV networks, and alarm systems, ensuring a unified and efficient security ecosystem.

Lightning-Fast Response

Speed is crucial in barrier operations, especially in high-traffic areas. This module ensures that barriers operate with minimal delay, quickly responding to access requests and commands, thereby reducing queue times and improving overall flow.

Enhanced Security

Advanced security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and tampering. It supports various authentication methods, including biometric, RFID, and mobile access, ensuring that only authorized personnel can activate the barriers.

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