Effortless planning, seamless execution, unforgettable experiences.
Zipr's platform makes every event a success!

Powering India's highest footfall sites

At Zipr, our achievements speak volumes about our commitment to innovation.
Our solutions have revolutionised customer experiences and streamlined operations across industries,
earning us accolades and solidifying our position as leaders in technology-driven business solutions.

Atal Garden - Powered by Zipr
Bhavan Sanskratik Kendra - Powered by Zipr
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Canter - Powered by Zipr
KNPSI - Powered by Zipr
Wild Gorewada Zoo - Powered by Zipr
CTR- Canter Safari - Powered by Zipr
Science Park  - Powered by Zipr
Science Park  - Powered by Zipr
Science Park  - Powered by Zipr

Your events, Zipr's platform

Tailor-made to suit your unique event needs, Zipr effortlessly blends efficiency with user-friendliness. From intricate pre-event planning to real-time coordination on the day, our platform ensures every aspect of your event runs smoothly. 

Zipr pre booking


Streamline appointments effortlessly for events, meetings, or tours, minimizing wait times and ensuring a smooth entry.

Zipr Notification


Keep visitors informed with automated reminders, ensuring punctuality and preparedness.

Zipr seat selection

Seat Availability and Occupancy

Go beyond by providing real-time seat and occupancy data, enhancing space utilization for comfort and safety.

Zipr parking management

Parking Management

Integrate a robust parking system, offering real-time information on available spaces for a hassle-free experience.

Zipr entry to exit

Entry to Exit

Ensure seamless access control, tracking entries and exits for enhanced security and resource planning.

Zipr Support

Feedback System

Enable users to share experiences effortlessly, contributing to continuous improvement.

Zipr support

Robust Support

Backed by exceptional customer support, address technical issues and inquiries promptly, fostering trust.

Zipr transforms the way you host events. Make your events memorable and management hassle-free – all with the reliability and security of Zipr's trusted technology.

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